March 22, 2020 Dylan Cleppe

URGENT Message to Federal, State, & Hospital Decision Makers

PLEASE READ! Solutions to PPE Shortages, Mobile Facilities, Containment & Mitigation


First, this is not like the other statements you’ve seen from every company in the nation regarding their responses to COVID-19 and what they are doing for their company in regards to the pandemic, so I beg you to please read this fully! We are sharing solutions to the PPE shortage, containment, isolation, and mitigation!

I am reaching out personally as I know our nation is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been tirelessly reaching out trying to get in touch with the top decision makers both in our state as well as in our nation because we do have solutions that can help not only eradicate and prevent the further dangerous spread of the virus but also help keep our first responders safer by providing them adequate mobile clean rooms for drive up test stations, mobile labs, mobile containment units etc.
There are also individual underpressure stretcher isolation units to help protect our first responders even more from the potential spread of COVID-19 from a patient. The CDC has stated masks don’t help but these isolation units are proven against H1N1, H5N1, Ebola, Listeria, and now COVID-19. WE CAN ALSO ASSIST IN GETTING MASKS, GLOVES, PANDEMIC PPE KITS, AND MORE in the hands of our medical/first responders/frontline at risk workers.
My only ask is that you take a moment to review this message and help me get it out. We have assembled our team as well as volunteers worldwide to aid in a 24/7 Crisis Task Force to assist with the demand and distribution of the solutions worldwide.
Please read and share with whomever may be able to help.
We have solutions that are proven to cripple viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, and more as well as deactivating them so they cannot spread both in the air as well as on surfaces. We are the ONLY provider here in North America, are a small minority owned business, and are a registered vendor in almost all 50 states as well as Federally (CAGE Code 8C1E3, DUNS #081044684, WA UBI 604-287-870). 

We have been working non stop around the clock in partnership with our distributor and the manufacturer to ensure that there is enough product in stock and available to begin deploying these solutions nationwide as well as globally if we can get it in the hands of decision makers. Some of the solutions will help with the mobile drive up testing stations, mobile labs, mobile triage, mobile hospitals and keep our hard-working first responders safer. Please assist us in getting this in front of the decision-makers as well as just in front of the right people so we can help.

The best way to keep up with any of our updates and additional offerings, as well as the most recent documentation, is to go to our dedicated COVID-19 page at OneStop COVID-19

To skip the information request form on our page to get to the PDFs, we have for the IsoArk™ Clean Rooms, Isolation Systems, & any ot the other solutions, please either call or email us and we will supply them. Our team is actively adding more Data Sheets and Product PDFs as I type this. We have the PDFs for the Ozone Non-Toxic Virus & Pathogen Destroyers (Ozone Room Sterilization Units) and the STERIONIZER™ Bipolar Ion Technology Ionization Air Purification Devices which will be added to the site here shortly. We are trying to equip the page with the most information possible so that when people go to the page everything they could possibly need is there.

We also have put in to place our Emergency Action Plan which includes our CRISIS Taskforce (Consisting of our team, National Partners of Small Veteran, Women & Minority Owned Businesses, International Partners, and Volunteers).

Anyone can reach us 24/7 via [email protected] or
our 24/7 CRISIS line +1-888-938-8388.
We have team members available around the clock to assist anyone just as many are working around the clock to prepare and plan for the unknowns of the pandemic.

Please let me know what I can do to assist in any way getting this out.

Stay Safe & Best Regards,

COVID-19 Response




Dylan J Cleppe
CEO & Founder, OneStop Solutions

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