Landline Service

When people think of a landline they think of the phone mounted on the wall with a long cord.

However, they have changed drastically over the years. Shockingly, they resemble other products that would otherwise be seen as wireless or smart systems.

Whether you are looking for PBX landline phone system for one location or for multiple, CenturyLink brings you a flexible and reliable solution. You’ve never experienced crystal clear voice quality like this before. On the other hand, you receive caller ID name and number, remote access forwarding, selective call waiting, and also series hunting. You can create an amazing communication service with proven results.

Unlike wireless networks that provide spotty service, you can choose the most reliable coverage. Experience the high quality features such as caller id, call waiting, forwarding and also return.

Looking to cut the cord?

Tired of paying for traditional phone lines? Want to gain more functionality for a fraction of the cost? RingCentral cloud phone system has all the features of a traditional phone line with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.