Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS is a cloud computing and backup service model that uses cloud applications to protect your data and content from disruptions caused by a disaster.

Our (DRaaS) Partners

OneStop Solutions®

OneStop Solutions® brings you the most effective disaster recovery service to your organization. You can now build your failover as a virtual or physical appliance with flexible storage while reducing hardware costs. Backup mobile devices and prevent theft as well as data loss using end-to-end encryption.


Trust this cost-effective, fast-acting solution for your organizations DRaaS needs. A business needs to keep information flowing with no interruptions and Veritas has found a way to make that happen.


Some businesses are prone to attacks and viruses, stop those attacks with IBM’s proactive solution. Protect across an array of technology environments and on any device. Get instant backup and consulting to customize your plan to fit your organization.

Microsoft Azure

Azure now offers a built-in disaster recovery service that is cost effective, easily deployable, and dependable. Protect yourself against outages, threats, and any disaster to help keep your organization and all its applications running smooth.


CenturyLink, your trusted cloud and communications provider, has brought you SafeHaven. This fast-acting disaster recovery service helps bring the connection back in minutes and protects all of your data. Safeguard against future threats and customize your plan to fit your organizations’ size.