Storage as a Service

Access your data from anywhere at any time with no worry of finding a place to keep it all.

Our (STaaS) Partners


No matter the size of your organization or the size of the data you need to store, Dropbox is your go-to solution. Storing is not the only feature provided, you can also share and collaborate from any device, anywhere with automatic synchronization.


Veritas has a multitude of customizable cloud storage options for all organizations of all sizes. Key features include short and long term storage, control of visibility, storage for hybrid cloud systems, and multi-cloud capabilities to include on-premise, private, or public.

One Drive

Share and connect using Microsoft’s trustworthy storage system. Whether you are at the office or on the road, you can access your files anywhere from any device. There’s no need to worry about the internet anymore because you can access your files offline.


Choose from IBM’s flash, software-defined, hybrid, or even tape storage. They even offer Storage Area Networks (SAN) as an option for those looking for enterprise-level data sharing and collaboration.


AT&T now offers cloud storage where you can share important files throughout your organization with ease. Simple to use the system and easy migration allows for the quick transfer of your data.