Device as a Service

OneStop presents DaaS, a cloud service model that delivers bundles of hardware as well as managed services for a specified amount of time.

For instance, you lease products and as a result, receiving added services to keep them working properly. Features such as deployment, device management, and life-cycle management are included. Also provided are other services such as optimization, on-site maintenance, and also device replacement. To sum up, DaaS allows you to be flexible with your plan as well as providing a low monthly cost.

Choose Device(s):

Make a selection from a wide variety of devices to suit your needs. Devices such as laptops, desktops, and also workstations are available. In addition, all devices are updated to the latest software and technologies.

DaaS End of Term:

Term Renewal
Disposition and Preparations
Device Decommissioning

Select Add-On Services:

Software & Licensing

End-to-End Life-cycle Support Levels:

1. DaaS Technical Support Center
2. On-Site Repairs / Replacement Parts
3. Off-Site Repairs / Device Replacement

Scale Up

If you are exceeding your expectations and need to purchase additional devices. You can also scale up as a result of expanding your organization.

Scale Down

If you are not meeting the needs to purchase additional devices. You can also scale down to fit your budget in addition to your organizations’ size.