Corporate Branding

You see, you can have the best product, top-tier service and the most amazing marketing strategy in the world, but if your business branding is awful, nothing's going to work.

Brand Positioning:

Your brand positioning is one of the most important aspects of your business that you’ll ever decide since it will underpin everything you do. People don’t buy the what; they buy the why.

The Tone of Voice and House Style:

The way a company talks is as important as the way it looks. Developing a tone of voice will enhance the personality of your business and show current and potential customers what you stand for. In a logo-saturated world where the image is everything, smart brands define themselves through language.

Important Keys
to Marketing

1: Corporate branding is about finding a sweet spot. Corporate branding requires finding that sweet spot between creativity and cold, hard facts.

2: An image isn’t set in stone. Branding should always be in flux, moving and grooving with market demand and gut instinct. Whenever I create a style guide or offer branding advice, I always suggest that it’s a work in progress.

3: Perfectionists are great at branding. When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Copy, logos, fonts, colors, house style… it all needs to be the same. If it isn’t, then the entire brand breaks down.