March 15, 2020 Dylan Cleppe

COVID-19 Executive Response

Communities around the world are doing everything they can to handle the rapidly escalating situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19. Businesses, as well as governments, are moving forward with action plans with strict precautions to stop the spread, meanwhile trying to prevent widespread panic. During this time of extreme uncertainty, individuals are taking any action necessary to protect their own as well as their families’ health by minimizing social interaction to reduce exposure. Many businesses are struggling to find ways to mitigate any/all damage to their bottom line. These times are genuinely complicated, and signs are pointing towards things getting worse before times get to a good point.

All employers have been asked for their COVID-19 response to inform employees as well as clients. As a trusted business advisor, OneStop has taken many precautions to ensure we stand ready to assist anyone and everyone while this virus continues to spread around the globe. As our client reach is global, our workforce is flexible, mobile, and adept at collaboration at any location as well as working remotely. We have been and will continue to stay in touch with specialists, City as well as State officials, the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities. Early on, we initiated several proactive mitigation initiatives for our team, for our partners, and to protect your services.

  • We have halted global and domestic travel, as well as canceled all non-essential event participation until further notice, to reduce the potential impact on our team.
  • For members of our team that need to be present physically, we have fully adopted social distancing procedures. With a minimum of 3 feet of distancing but preferred 6 feet when possible.
  • We are sanitizing all of our offices and workspaces more often than ever before.
  • Our executive team is reviewing, sharing the latest insights and advice with our team, to prepare them to respond quickly as this situation changes.
  • We are monitoring local responses and impacts in all of the communities where our team members are, as well as our clients, so that we are ready for any impact they may encounter. This way, we can adapt as needed to minimize any disruptions to our clients’ businesses.
  • We have put into action contingency plans ensuring they are in place across all of our services and solutions. This way, we are ready and able to keep all of our commitments to you.
  • We rolled out our Emergency Response Plan and activated our Crisis Taskforce. Our team is available 24/7 either by our dedicated email [email protected] or via our CRISIS Line +1-888-938-8388
  • We have spent countless hours pulling together our services and solutions that can help everyone on a small scale but also large scale to help aid in preventing the spread as well as save lives. (Life Saving Solutions on our COVID-19 Update Page)

I can’t stress it enough, please click the link above and view the solutions that we have to offer. We have worked, for the last 4 days, with our distributor as well as the manufacturer to ensure there is enough supply for demand. The solutions that we have to offer are the highest quality in the world and is backed by years of research, studies as well as science. These solutions are proven to kill viruses and saves lives. So if you know of anyone that might possibly be in a position where these products could impact a vast amount of peoples lives please share it, contact us and help spread the word. Word of mouth can spread across the world faster than a virus. If we can get the message out we might just be able to contain, eliminate, and prevent further spreading of the virust.

Since the public reaction to this tough situation is changing rapidly, we promise that we will keep you informed on any necessary changes or as additional services and solutions become available, via email and our website. During this challenging time, we want you to know that your business, your safety, and support mean a great deal to our team. We value your trust, and everyone at OneStop Solutions is committed to providing reliable support to each of you – today, tomorrow, and always.


COVID-19 Response




Dylan J Cleppe
CEO & Founder, OneStop Solutions